Coughs, colds and flu

Not usually serious


Pharmacist says

Children can often be treated using over the counter medicines to help to bring down a raised temperature. Junior paracetamol and cough medicines can help. Check the label carefully. Some are available as a liquid for children and can be given from the age of about three months. Check with the Pharmacist and tell them how old your child is.

Flu symptoms are more severe and you may need to see your GP.

Paracetamol - junior paracetamol can be given for pain or fever to children over 2 months. Check you have the right dose and strength for your child’s age. Read the box carefully.

Ibuprofen - junior form can be given to babies and children of 3 months and over who weigh more than 5kg. Read the box carefully. Do not give if your child has asthma unless advised by a Doctor.

Aspirin - do not use for children under 16.