Chickenpox and measles

Take rashes seriously


A baby’s skin is thinner and needs extra care. Dry, flaky skin, some blemishes, blotches and slight rashes are normal in newborns and will naturally clear up.

Baby skin is more delicate than ours. Try to limit the amount of products you use on their skin. Never leave your baby out in the sun. Baths, loose clothing and calamine lotion can all help ease itchy skin. Antihistamines are useful for babies over one year old, ask your Pharmacist. Rashes can sometimes be a sign your child has an illness like chickenpox or more seriously measles or meningitis.

Contact your GP immediately if your baby has a rash that does not disappear when you press a glass to it. This may be a sign of Meningitis and needs to be seen by a Doctor no matter how well they seem.

Seek immediate advice if your baby has a rash and a high temperature or vomiting (see Meningitis section).

Rashes can be easily confused with other illnesses and may be an allergic reaction.

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