Treating everyday illness and injury at home

If you have a cough or cold, hangover, graze or an upset stomach you can treat the symptoms at home – in fact, staying at home and getting plenty of rest is the best place for you.

Make sure your medicine cabinet and first aid box are well stocked and include:

  • paracetamol
  • a thermometer
  • antihistamines (for a mild allergy)
  • aspirin (not for under 16yrs)
  • rehydration mixture (rehydration salts)
  • diarrhoea tablets (such as Imodium)
  • plasters
  • bandages
  • indigestion remedy

Your pharmacist can also give you advice and treatment for common conditions as well as dispensing prescriptions.

They can help when you with painful coughing, skin conditions or diarrhoea.

Further information 

Find out more about self care here.

Page updated 14.12.17