Our programmes for 2014-19

Preparing for the future

We know that the population of Lambeth is increasing. We also know that people are now living longer. Meanwhile medical technology continues to advance as new or improved treatment and medicines are made available to patients. This means that there is more demand than ever on our health services, and this demand is continuing to increase.

To continue to provide a high quality health service, we have to make significant changes. For 2014-19 we developed an overarching vision for what we want to achieve and how we organise our plans. This vision was shaped by the Big Lambeth Health Debate in 2013.

Our vision for Lambeth health services


People focused – our programmes will be centred around the needs of individual citizens 
Consistent – we will work to drive up standards and reduce variation across the borough
Prevention focused – we will work to meet the needs of the whole population and focus of factors that enable better self-management and the prevention of ill health
Innovative – we will aim to keep what is unique about excellent primary care, but look to deliver services differently to meet increasing and changing needs, using technology to drive change
Integrated – we will work to removing organisational and professional boundaries to help  patients get a more seamless service
Deliver best value – we will seek to deliver increased benefit for every pound spent and live within our means

Our programmes in Lambeth

We identified areas for improvement and we are using our vision to shape the way we work, these programmes are listed below and you can find more about them on the left hand side of the page. They are also described in our five year plan 'Healthier Together'.

  • Support people to stay healthy
  • Developing primary care
  • Integrated care for children and families
  • Integrated mental health care
  • Integrated care for adults and older adults

Plans across south east London

In addition to our new Lambeth five year strategic plan, the six clinical commissioning groups in south east London (Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark) and their co-commissioners from NHS England work together as Our Healthier South East London.

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