​Mental health services for older people

Getting older and retirement involve a change in lifestyle for most people and this can have an effect on mental health as well as physical health. There are also some mental illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer's, which is a type of dementia, which are more common in older people and can require specialist support.  We have a Memory Service in Lambeth that helps with a timely diagnosis of dementia so people with dementia and their carers are linked into services that can support them.

Our aim in Lambeth is that when older people need to use mental health services, they are joined up, high quality and efficient. We work closely with the older people's services programme.

Improving mental health services in Lambeth care homes

Working with Southwark and Lewisham, we have started  a new team providing specialist mental health advice and support in care homes to improve the care of people with dementia and mental health conditions.

Urgent mental health services 

We will be trying out new services for older people in mental health crisis in their place of residence - either in a care home or their own home. We recognise the importance of supporting Lambeth carers of older people with mental health illnesses. As part of delivering these services we will be making sure carers are involved in and understand all aspects of care.

Helping older people with mental health problems stay out of hospital 

Some very specialist mental health services have to be provided at a hospital like the Maudsley hospital. However, for many people suffering from mental illness being in hospital can be very distressing. Quite often, if a patient can be at home they feel happier and more relaxed which leads to better mental wellbeing. For this reason our goal over the next five years is redesign services to make sure we can provide as many mental health services as possible close to home or at home.