​Lambeth Children's and Young People's Plan

In 2018, the Lambeth Children's Partnership launched the Lambeth's new Children and Young People's Plan 2017-22. A shared plan for NHS Lambeth CCG and local partners, the Children and Young People's Plan defines our vision and ambitions for children and young people in Lambeth.

Children, young people and families are at the heart of everything we do as a partnership. For this reason, we have worked together closely to ensure that the Plan reflects their rich and varied experiences, ideas and aspirations.

Co-producing the Children and Young People's Plan

Between May and August 2017, we listened to over 350 children, young people, families and other community members to create a partnership plan for Lambeth. Through face-to-face engagement sessions and an online survey, a diverse range of groups and individuals shared their views on the vision, ambitions and final 'look and feel' of the Plan.

The Lambeth Children's Commissioning team visited a range of settings across the borough to speak to children, young people and families. We held discussion groups in children's centres, primary schools, secondary schools, Lambeth College, the Children in Care council, the Prince's Trust Team Programme, a resource base for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, a transition course for children with speech language and communication needs and focus groups with young parents and the Parents Forum (for parents and carers of children with special educational needs and disabilities).

We also held a dynamic community event to co-produce our ambitious vision for the future of children's services. On Wednesday 12 July, over 75 members of the Lambeth community came together for the 'Our Children, Our Future' event at the Hideaway Jazz Bar in Streatham (picture below). They talked about 70 great ideas, 4 challenging issues, and 10 solutions to drive change. You can also watch highlights of the event to experience some of the conversations that have helped shape the Plan here.

Our Children our future event july 17.jpg

What we learned                   

These conversations made clear that the Plan must be broad and inclusive to be meaningful to all children and young people in Lambeth. Drawing on all of the feedback from everyone involved, we defined our overall vision for the Children and Young People's Plan as follows:

"We think Lambeth should be the best place in the world for children and young people to grow up, providing a rich mix of relationships, experiences, opportunities and services that enable children and young people from all background and communities to thrive."

Over 150 children and young people described what the four ambitions of the Plan mean in their lives (being safe, healthy, resilient, and achieving). Take a look at the word clouds here CYPP Word Clouds - 26.10.17.pdf for our ambitions to compare the key messages from children and young people with those from parents and carers.

We heard a number of consistent messages across our conversations with children, young people and families. Key themes included the strong links between mental health and emotional wellbeing, wanting to be empowered to make decisions and preferring to discuss problems with trusted peers rather than authority figures. Read the CYPP Engagement You Said We Did.pdf to see how the Children and Young People's Plan responds to the engagement feedback we received.

Next steps

The Lambeth Children and Young People's Plan was published in 2018. It has been shaped by everyone who helped to create it. We will continue to involve children, young people and families in influencing the programmes of support described in the Plan.       

We want to build on all of the energy and enthusiasm of the Lambeth community as we get ready to launch a dynamic campaign in 2018. By encouraging everyone to take part, we will create new opportunities and strengthen existing support for children and young people in Lambeth.

To follow the development of the campaign, sign up to our mailing list here. Watch this space!

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