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Care for adults and older people

This section includes information about our plans to improve urgent and emergency care; planned care or elective care; health services for older people; and for people with long term conditions. You can read definitions and explanations of these different services areas below.

Urgent and emergency care

Urgent and emergency care covers the services you need when you are ill and need to be seen by a doctor or nurse straight away. Urgent care relates to less serious health problems, like a cut or sprain that can be treated by services such as a Walk-in Centre or Urgent Care Centre. Emergency care is when you have a life threatening accident or illness and you have to be treated in a major hospital. 

Planned care or elective care

Planned care or elective care is the name we give to those health services and treatments which are not carried out in an emergency, often those which patients are referred to by their GP. We want to make sure everyone has equal access to this kind of care, regardless of where you live in Lambeth. We also want to help people receiving care to get better more quickly and stay healthy for longer. 

Health services for older people


Older people can need to use health services on a regular basis, and often have to use services which are based in lots of different places. We want to make sure that in Lambeth these services feel joined up and that people have to travel as little as possible.  You can read about how we do this by bringing services closer, either at a local GP or even in people's homes. We aim to support elderly people who are ill so that their health doesn't get worse and they have to be admitted to hospital. We do this by working to help older people avoid falls; we start treating infections straight away; and we support people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Health services for people with long term health conditions

Many people are now living with one or more health condition like diabetes, COPD or breathing problems and high blood pressure. We want to empower people to manage their own condition through the support of their GP.