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​​​​​​​Case studies​

Primary Care Development Programme - In their own words

Participants give their views about going through the programme and what’s happened since then.​

​​​​​Ju​​stin Hayes, GP​​​   
Justin.jpg “The chance to join the primary care development programme came at the right time for me. I  was starting to think that if I didn’t have anything constructive to say, I should keep quiet.”

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​ Martin Block, GP​​​​   

Justin.jpg “It’s been a period of intense growth for me over the last 18 months. Without the programme I wouldn’t have been as effective in the role as a federation director and I wouldn’t have learnt so much that I can now use in the rest of my career.” ​ 
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​​Sandra Connolly, Practice Manager​  

Justin.jpg “It’s been interesting to see some GPs’ change in attitude to practice managers. It’s a relatively new profession and the group of really good practice managers on the programme has raised our profile.” ​​​
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