Throughout the NHS Lambeth CCG website you will find links to relevant documents. All of our published documents are stored in this section of the site. ​

They have b​​een sorted into the following sections to help you find the one you are looking for quickly:

  • Strategies, plans and reports
  • Policies, procedures and frameworks
  • Tenders, procurement and contracting​

If you can't find the publica​tion you are looking for, if you would like a printed copy of a publication or if you would like it in a different language or format, please make a request via our feedback form.​

020715 Lambeth CCG Equalities strategy FINAL.pdf
070414 Equality in NHS Lambeth 2013.pdf
090115 LCCG EDS2 Grades Assessment 2013-14 Verve paper FINAL.pdf
190115 LCCG EIA Healthier Together - Final Draft.pdf
Equality in NHS Lambeth 2015 Annual Report.pdf
Equality in NHS Lambeth DRAFT annual report for 2015 publish.pdf
NHS Lambeth CCG 2014 Healthier Together Summary.pdf
NHS Lambeth CCG Comms Eng Strategy.pdf
NHS Lambeth CCG Five Year Strategy Healthier Together 2014-15-18-19.pdf
NHS Lambeth CCG Involving People Strategy 2018.pdf
NHS Lambeth CCG Operational Plan summary.pdf
NHS Lambeth CCG Strategic Statement Healthier Together 2014.pdf