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Look out for the yellow men

Winter is traditionally a busy time for the urgent care system. The increase in winter bugs circulating combined with colder weather mean that more of us get ill and those people who are already vulnerable can become more seriously ill.
To help support the pressure on the health system a new campaign has been designed to educate people about self-care, pharmacies, GPs and Urgent Care Centres, with the aim of keeping them out of A&E when a visit isn’t necessary.  The campaign is a key part of the south east London Community Based Care (CBC) programme – where all six south east London CCGs are working together to improve services.
After carrying out detailed insight work in south east London with members of the public, the new ‘Yellow Men’ campaign launched in Lambeth and neighbouring boroughs this month. This bold campaign has previously evaluated well in other areas of London with a similar demographic and is expected to gain attention amongst the local population.
The campaign will be visible in Lambeth on buses, billboards, on websites and social media. A website has been created to help people to find the nearest suitable health service according to their illness or injury. Find out more at