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Support your local GP practice​

This week the NHS across the country is raising awareness of GP practice participation groups or ‘PPGs’. All GP practices should have a group and it’s a chance for you to work with your surgery to deal with issues that affect you and other people in your area.

Think about the last appointment you had with a GP or nurse at your local surgery. What about the last time you had to organise a repeat prescription or make an appointment?

Did you ever think about what could have made the experience easier for you, or how it could run more efficiently?  If so, it’s time to share your views and make a difference!

The Patient Participation Group at your GP surgery is an opportunity to tell them about the good and bad parts of care you receive.  It’s also a chance for the GP practice to tell you what’s going on and the plans they are making.

Dr Raj Mitra, a Lambeth GP said: “The patient participation group at my surgery has fantastic ideas for how we can improve services. The group also helps us pick up on things that patients are finding difficult so we can address the problems.”

He added: “The NHS can only improve with the involvement of the patients we care for. I would encourage everyone who has something to say about their local NHS to ask their GP surgery about their PPG.”

For more information about your PPG ask at reception of your GP surgery. If your surgery doesn’t have a group you could become involved in helping them develop one. You can also go to

So why not give it a go? If we all get involved and share our experiences we can transform our NHS for the better.