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Make your pledge for NHS Change Day

NHS Lambeth CCG is celebrating NHS Change Day on Monday 3 March 2014. 

NHS Change Day is a frontline led movement; the largest of its kind, with a shared purpose of improving health and care.

The idea is to get NHS staff, patients and the public to pledge to do one thing to make the NHS better. Pledges can be big or small, personal or professional but must make a difference to patient care. Our pledge as a CCG is to use easy to understand language in everything we write.

Last year a single tweet sparked a staff-inspired social movement that saw people take collective action and in doing so make 189,000 pledges. It was a proud moment. This year the national goal is for 500,000 pledges.

NHS Change Day gives patients and public the opportunity to make a pledge and in a recent NHS Change Day survey members of the public suggested ways in which they could make a change.   More than eight out of ten people questioned in the survey acknowledged they could help make the NHS better by not missing scheduled appointments (83%) and only going to A&E for a genuine emergency (86%), while just under half opted for keeping themselves healthy (28%).

Anyone can get involved to pledge something that will make a difference, no matter how big or small. A pledge could be part of your everyday routine or something extraordinary. It's simple, just think of something personal to you and make a pledge or join an existing one on the NHS Change Day website.

Visit to make your pledge today. Every voice counts and every pledge matters. 

Let's do something better and courageous together. It's time for NHS Change Day 2014 to begin.