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​World Aids Day

Lambeth residents can send off for free and easy to use HIV testing kits from the national HIV testing service

The kits are delivered to people's homes and they send back a blood sample by return of post. The kits are small and discreet with no identifying logos or markings.

Results are texted or emailed within one week. You can also track your sample's progress. Anyone testing positive will be contacted directly by an expert who will advise them on the next steps to take.

Dr Adrian McLachlan, chair of Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group, said: "The incidence of HIV has been falling in recent years but several thousand people are still diagnosed across the UK every year. It's important for people to realise that HIV is treatable nowadays with drugs and the sooner it is diagnosed, the better. 

An estimated 13% of the 100,000 people with HIV in the UK remain undiagnosed.

The drive to encourage more people to use was launched on World AIDS Day (December 1) which raises awareness and support for those living with HIV in the UK. Forty per cent of those affected live in London. 

"It's important to make testing as convenient and easy as possible  for people, although it's worth adding that your GP is always there to help, along with local sexual health clinics. 

"The simplest precaution to avoid HIV through sexual contact is to practice safe sex and always wear a condom." 

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