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Lambeth CCG urges parents to bin the sugary snacks this January

Lambeth CCG is calling on parents to ‘look for 100 calorie snacks, and only two a day max’ during January and beyond to combat rising rates of childhood obesity in the borough. 

During January, Parents in Lambeth are being urged to switch to healthier snacks as a good way to reduce the amount of sugar their children consume. 

According to Public Health England, children eat nearly three times more than the recommended amount of sugar, putting their health at risk. The Change4Life campaign to switch to healthier snacks focuses attention on the fact that half the sugar that children consume comes from snacks and sugary drinks. 

Childhood obesity rates in Lambeth are slightly higher than the average for London, and by the time children get to Year 6 almost a quarter - 24.5% - are obese, up from 23.02% in 2016. 

Latest figures for childhood obesity also show that across England, the number of obese children in reception year has risen for the second consecutive year. 

During January, parents in Lambeth will be able to visit the Change4Life website to receive money-off vouchers for healthier snacks and helpful tips and ideas on how to bin those sugary snacks. 

Lambeth CCG Chair Adrian McLachlan said: “Lambeth has made progress in containing childhood obesity especially in the Reception year but being overweight or obese is still a serious problem for Lambeth children. The percentage of children who are obese in their first year in primary school more than doubles by the time they reach their final year in primary school, putting them at high risk of ill health, disability and premature death as adults. 

“Obesity carries a stigma at all ages and obese children are also more likely to be bullied. I would urge all parents to use this campaign as their reason to make a healthy swap and make healthy snacks a habit for life.”