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So many personal health challenges – as well as the challenges faced by the health service – are the result of our poor lifestyle choices. Unhealthy diets, a lack of exercise and smoking and drinking account for 40% of all deaths in England, not to mention their $11 billion yearly cost to the NHS.

The One You campaign is all about encouraging people to think about lifestyle choices and empowering individuals to take charge of their own healthcare. Even small changes to everyday habits and behaviours can have a dramatic long-term health benefit.

Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wants to take this campaign to the streets Lambeth. We believe the most effective way to address specific health issues within the borough is to spread the message on a local level.

Dr Adrian McLachlan, said: “It is interesting to think that so many everyday health complaints can be attributed to the choices we make as individuals, and that many of us do not see how this relationship works.”​

“If the average person could simply eradicate tiredness, stress and general aches and pains from their daily lives they would. But instead of a quick fix for an existing problem, positive lifestyle adjustments can prevent many such ailments from ever developing, requiring just a small amount of knowledge and willpower.”

“Additionally and more importantly, correcting bad habits in the long-term lead to people living longer, healthier and happier lives as well as leaving more NHS resources available for those with health problems unrelated to lifestyle.”

The One You campaign has devised the How Are You Quiz to help you get back to a healthier you. Adults are encouraged to take part in the quiz provides personalised recommendations and directs people to tools and advice created by experts to help them take action where it’s most needed.