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Patient participation awareness week


GPs in Lambeth are encouraging people to find out how they can get involved in improving local health services during patient participation awareness week which runs between June 1 and June 6.

Organised by the National Association for Patient Participation, patient participation awareness week aims to highlight the importance of patient involvement in achieving excellent care for all patients. 

There are many ways local people can contribute towards improving the quality of local health care and outcomes for patients, including by attending a local patient participation group. 

Local GP and Chair of Lambeth CCG, Adrian McLachlan said: “Most GP practices in Lambeth have a patient participation group (PPG).

“PPG’s meet regularly to help improve access and services at their GP practice, and to feed ideas into the planning of health services. Attending your local PPG means you can work with your doctor and practice manager to deal with health issues that affect you, other local people and your GP surgery.

“The views and feedback of our patients are vital in influencing and shaping our work to ensure local people get the health services they need. I encourage patients to see how they can get involved during patient participation awareness week.”

In Lambeth there is a vibrant Patient Participation Network which supports local PPGs and surgeries to engage and involve patients. Regular meetings and events are held where PPGs exchange ideas, discuss issues affecting them within primary care and develop initiatives.  

Co-chair of the Lambeth PPG Network Sandra Jones said: “The role of the network is to develop, support and promote Lambeth’s PPGs to increase engagement of local populations in primary care.  

“Currently we work with approximately 30 PPGs across the borough, either through network meetings, supporting their development or facilitating good practice.”   

If you want to know more about the network, find out if your local surgery has a PPG or want advice on how to set one up please get in touch with Lambeth PPG Network:, 020 7095 5766.