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​Mental health service to support people affected by the London terror attacks

A free, confidential mental health service is available to help people affected by the 2017 London terrorist attacks in Westminster, London Bridge, Finsbury Park and Parsons Green.

The service is staffed by specialist psychologists who have experience of working with people who have been involved in traumatic events, including terrorist attacks.

They can assess whether people would benefit from more targeted psychological support and refer them to appropriate NHS services.  

Terrorist incidents can have a lasting impact on people.  The bereaved, the injured, people who were at the incident as well as their close family including children, can find that they are struggling several months after the event. Members of the emergency services and those providing initial care after the attacks can also struggle with the impact of these events.

The anniversary of the attacks this year may also be a particularly challenging time.

The service is for children, young people and adults across England and can be contacted by phone, email or post. 

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