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Developing better services in your community

Residents in Lambeth have told us that they want to be more involved in their health and that the health and care system needs to work better to support them. Some services are hard for people to access. Some people do not get the help they need to keep themselves and their families happy and healthy. We want to work better together to be able to give our residents the help they need close to home.

We are already making changes to improve care people receive locally. For instance, we are working to:
  • Develop better systems for making appointments with GPs, nurses and others at local GP surgeries
  • Have more appointments at dif​ferent times 
  • Make sure people have different ways of getting in touch with a GP, including over the phone
  • Develop better links to hospital, diagnostic tests and specialist care – so that people can get access to advice and treatment without having to go in to hospital
  • Strengthen links to social care and support and voluntary and community groups so people who need it can access other services, support, groups and activities