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Chairs appointed for Local Care Networks


Following a selection process involving a variety of stakeholders, chairs for two of the three Local Care Networks (LCNs) in the borough have been appointed. They are Dr Mark Chamley from Crown Dale Medical Centre for South East Lambeth LCN and Dr Justin Hayes from Valley Road Surgery for South West Lambeth LCN. Both previously held the interim chair positions for their respective areas and will take up their one-year terms from 1 April. The selection process for the North Lambeth LCN chair is underway and we hope that to announce a successful candidate later in the month.

"It is a fantastic honour to be appointed as Chair of the South East Lambeth Local Care Network," says Dr Chamley. "Local Care Networks offer great opportunities to improve and increase community-based care for our local residents. Over the past year many people have been involved in planning a model of care for our LCNs. It will be tremendously exciting to see LCNs 'go live' in 2017."


"This is a challenging and exciting post that's an opportunity to bring real benefit to Lambeth people," says Dr Hayes. "I look forward to using my knowledge and understanding of the local and national healthcare system and drawing on expertise from citizens' groups, voluntary and social care sectors, as well as colleagues in secondary care, in fulfilling this role."


Local Care Networks are collaborations of health and care providers (including the voluntary sector and patient and citizens groups) working together to address common challenges.  LCNs are looking at how organisations can work better together to join up care and improve the health and wellbeing of local people. Current work includes re-designing services for people with complex long-terms conditions and other risk factors and developing different ways of doing joined up health and care management.


At the same time LCNs are also acknowledging specific issues in the local population and what their needs might be. Examples include: in the north of the borough, access to health services for the Portuguese-speaking population; in the south west, a focus on healthy lifestyles; and in the south east, community geriatrician support.