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Carers Week 2017: 12 - 18 June

This year Carers Week is reminding everyone of the tireless dedication of carers and the positive impact of their thankless work. Lambeth GPs are encouraging locals to spare a thought for carers in the community.

The focus of this year's Carer's Week is Building Carer Friendly Communities. This is to stress the importance of recognising the role of carers in society and helping provide the support they need as individuals to do the work they do.

Dr Adrian McLachlan, Chair of Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group, said: "Three in four carers report feeling undervalued or misunderstood in their communities. This is of particular concern considering that a similar proportion of the general population are likely to take on the role of carer at some point in their lives."

"Our new framework for action is for families and carers in Lambeth to feel recognised, valued and included as equal partners in the support and care for the person they care for."

Lambeth's Carer's strategy, a framework for action, has recently been agreed, and brings together carers, council, health and non-statutory agencies that impact on carers lives to agree what action should be taken to best achieve better outcomes for unpaid carers in Lambeth. You can read more here.

There are 6.5 million carers in the UK today, with one in eight of them providing unpaid care to the older, disabled and seriously ill in our communities.

Carers UK, Age UK, Carers Trust, Independent Age, Macmillan Cancer Support, MS Society, MND Association and Which Elderly Care have all come together to make Carers Week a reality this year. To take part in Carers Week you can make a pledge, order a range of campaign materials or take part in or arrange your own events throughout the week.