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CCG 360 stakeholder survey results

The national CCG 360 survey was conducted between March and April 2014, and is a key part of ensuring the NHS Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group has strong relationships in place in order to be a successful commissioner.

As part of the CCG annual assurance process, NHS England commissioned IPSOS Mori to co-ordinate the survey. This survey allowed our stakeholders to provide feedback on our working relationships. Stakeholders included GP member practices, other CCGs, Lambeth Health and Wellbeing Board, Local authorities, Lambeth Healthwatch, other patient groups and NHS providers.

Results from this year's survey shows an overall response rate of 76% of stakeholders who provided us with excellent feedback on how we're performing as a CCG and highlighted areas for us to work on over the coming year.

The results also indicate that the CCG had made huge strides in past 12 months and there is clear support from stakeholders to continue to build on this:

  • 89% of all stakeholders felt they had been engaged by the CCG in the last 12 months (compared to 75% in the previous year)
  • 84% of all stakeholders supported the approach the CCG took to engage local communities in developing the local strategic vision through the Big Lambeth Health Debate.
  • 61% of all stakeholders (47% of member practices) agree the  CCG has acted on suggestions (47% 2012)


In all comparable areas the CCG has improved since the 2012 survey. It is as good as or better than the combined national CCG average in 2014 and is as good as or better than the 2014 average across all CCGs in South London.

The positive response to our summer of engagement through the Big Lambeth Health Debate is great news. We are pleased that so many of you feel you have been given the opportunity to influence the CCG plans and priorities and that you are confident that the CCG commissions high quality services.  Our excellent joint working on the development and delivery of shared integrated commissioning plans with London Borough of Lambeth came through as a clear message as well as your increased confidence in the clinical and non-clinical leadership within the CCG.

The results of the survey were discussed at the July meeting of our Governing Body and it was agreed that we would continue to explore the breadth of stakeholder views and focus specifically on clear, concise communication of our decisions. 

A copy of the CCG Assurance 360 Survey report can be found in the Governing Board papers on our website.