​​​​​​​​​South East London Area Prescribing Committee


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The South East London Area Prescribing Committee (APC) was established in 2013 and is a partnership committee which discusses and makes recommendations on medicines issues.

Partner NHS organisations in South East London who are part of the APC are:

Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs),  Guys and St Thomas Foundation Trust, Kings College Hospital Foundation Trust,  South London and Maudsley Foundation Trust, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust.

The committee also has representation from local Healthwatch organisations, NHS England London Area Team, and support from Medicines Information Services and the North East London Commissioning Support Unit.

Its aims are;

  • To provide a collective clinical leadership committee to ensure co-operation and consistency of approach to medicines optimisation across South East London
  • To enable all clinicians and commissioners to work together to ensure that patients have safe and consistent access to  medicines with the best outcomes
  • To advise on implementation of best practice around medicines, including National Institute for Health and Care Excellence ( NICE) guidelines and technology appraisals to encourage rapid and consistent implementation
  • To enable local NHS stakeholders and clinicians to exert a population approach to the prioritisation, improvement and quality of healthcare related to medicines.

The Medicines and Pathways Review Group is a working group of the APC which meets monthly to assess new medicines for prescribing within South East London, where these are intended to be prescribed in primary care or commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups.  Where primary care or commissioned medicines are subject to a new NICE technology appraisal, the APC will advise on best adoption and implementation in line with NICE. South East London wide treatment pathways and prescribing guidelines are also developed through the Committee and its sub-groups. 

The Local Trusts retain a Joint Formulary Committee which considers new drugs and changes of use of existing drugs which are used only within hospitals and are not subject to any specific commissioning arrangements.

If you are a South East London clinician and you wish to make an application for a new medicine to be considered by the APC please contact your local trust formulary pharmacist or, for primary care applications, your CCG medicines team.

Correspondence to the APC should be directed to:

T: 020 3049 4197

E: lamccg.medicinesoptimisation@nhs.net

APC Position Statement PS-001 Biosimilar Infliximab Sept 2015.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-002 Sativex MS spasticity  Dec 2015.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-003 Biosimilar Glargine Position June 2017.pdf
APC Position statement PS-004 interim FreeStyle Libre Nov 2018 withdrawn.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-006 Rubefacients UPDATE Feb 2020 FINAL.pdf
APC Position statement PS-007 Lutein Antioxidants August 2018.pdf
APC Position statement PS-008 Tramadol-paracetamol August 2018.pdf
APC Position statement PS-009 Dosulepin August 2018.pdf
APC Position statement PS-010 Trimipramine August 2018.pdf
APC Position statement PS-011 Lidocaine August 2018.pdf
APC Position statement PS-012 FreeStyle Libre (withdrawal) July 2019.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-013 Self Care Feb 19 FINAL.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-019 Stoma Adhesives July 2019 FINAL.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-020 Stoma Products July 2019 FINAL.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-021 Liothyronine FINAL Grey Feb 2020.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-023 Preferred DOACs FINAL updated SEPT 2020.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-024 Dronedarone FINAL March 2020.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-025 Aliskiren (RED) July 2020 FINAL.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-026 Silk Garments (GREY) July 2020 FINAL.pdf
APC Position Statement PS-027 Methylphenidate MR Sept 2020 FINAL.pdf
APC Postion Statement PS-014 Brand prescribing insulin Mar 2019.pdf
APC Postion Statement PS-015 liothyronine oncology April 2019.pdf
APC Postion Statement PS-016 liothyronine depression April 2019.pdf
APC Postion Statement PS-017 unlicensed liothyronine April 2019.pdf
APC Postion Statement PS-022 minocycline FINAL Feb 2020.pdf
IMOC PS-018 Freestyle Libre 2 update March 2021 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 001 Lixisenatide in T2Diabetes.pdf
Recommendation 002 insulin degludec adults (withdrawn) July 2017.pdf
Recommendation 003 dapagliflozin type 2 diabetes (withdrawn) Nov 16.pdf
Recommendation 004 mirabegron for OAB (withdrawn) April 2016.pdf
Recommendation 005 Lisdexamfetamine ADHD children Sep 18.pdf
Recommendation 006 Combodart.pdf
Recommendation 007 Linaclotide in IBS  Nov 2017.pdf
Recommendation 008 Dymista for allergic rhinitis (withdrawn) June 2017.pdf
Recommendation 009 Lixisenatide in combination with insulin.pdf
Recommendation 010 Ingenol gel (Picato) AK (withdrawn) Jan 2020.pdf
Recommendation 011 Relvar Ellipta Astham - COPD (withdrawn) July 2016 V1.pdf
Recommendation 012 Diltiazem cream for anal fissures.pdf
Recommendation 013 Plenadren® tablets Adrenal insufficiency Sept 14.pdf
Recommendation 014 Levonorgestrel (Jaydess®) Intrauterine device Sept 14.pdf
Recommendation 015 Aripiprazole depot injection for schizophrenia FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 016 Golimumab in UC (withdrawn) April 2015.pdf
Recommendation 017 Vedolizumab in Crohns disease (withdrawn) Oct 2015.pdf
Recommendation 018 tadalafil post prostatectomy (withdrawn) May 2017.pdf
Recommendation 019 Vesomni  for LUTs (GREY) Oct 2017 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 020 Trospium overactive bladder in children FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 021 Ulipristal pre op fibroids update Oct 2018.pdf
Recommendation 022 Anakinra for acute gout FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 023 Vedolizumab in UC (withdrawn) FINAL June 2015.pdf
Recommendation 024 Paliperidone depot schizophrenia adults (AMBER)  Nov 15.pdf
Recommendation 025 Lurasidone for schizophrenia in adults (RED) Feb 19.pdf
Recommendation 026 Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation Mar 2015.pdf
Recommendation 027 Ketotifen for food allergy Nov 17.pdf
Recommendation 028 Nalcrom food allergy update June 2017.pdf
Recommendation 029 SURGIFLO® for Intraoperative bleeding (Neurosurgery) Mar 2015.pdf
Recommendation 030 Altoderm™ for mastocytosis in children April 2015.pdf
Recommendation 031Ropinirole MR Parkinson's Disease April 2015.pdf
Recommendation 032 Midodrine for IST and POTS (AMBER 3) Jan 18.pdf
Recommendation 033 ivabradine for IST and POTS (AMBER 3) Jan 18.pdf
Recommendation 034 Olopatadine in seasonal allergic conjunctivitis June 2015.pdf
Recommendation 035 timolol eye gel for raised intraocular pressure June 2015.pdf
Recommendation 036 Simbrinza for raised intraocular pressure June 2015.pdf
Recommendation 037 octreotide for chylothorax August 2015.pdf
Recommendation 038 ketamine oral solution in palliative care (RED) Oct 2015.pdf
Recommendation 039 depot medroxyprogesterone (Sayana Press) subcut  Nov 2015.pdf
Recommendation 040 Dexamfetamine Adult ADHD (AMBER) Dec 2015.pdf
Recommendation 041 Lisdexamfetamine Adult ADHD (AMBER) Dec 2015.pdf
Recommendation 042 Alteplase for massive  sub massive PE (RED) Dec 2015.pdf
Recommendation 043 daily tadalafil for ED non-responsive to PRN (GREY) Dec 2015.pdf
Recommendation 044 Duloxetine for Stress Urinary Incontinence  Dec 2015.pdf
Recommendation 045 Budesonide (Cortiment) for Ulcerative Colitis Dec 2015.pdf
Recommendation 046 Methylphenidate Idiopathic hypersomnia Oct 18.pdf
Recommendation 047 dexamfetamine Narcolepsy Oct 18.pdf
Recommendation 048 Tiotropium Respimat in Asthma (AMBER) March 2016.pdf
Recommendation 049 botulinum toxin hypersalivation  (RED) June 2016.pdf
Recommendation 050 Brivaracetam epilepsy (AMBER) FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 051 Botulinum toxin in Temporomandibular jaw September 2016.pdf
Recommendation 052 Guanfacine ADHD children (AMBER 3) Sep 2018.pdf
Recommendation 053 dulaglutide in Type 2 diabetes mellitus (AMBER3) Oct 19.pdf
Recommendation 054 HPV vaccine recalcitrant genital warts (RED) FINAL Jan 20.pdf
Recommendation 055 Enstilar for psoriasis Nov 16.pdf
Recommendation 056 Ulipristal intermitent treatment fibroids (RED) Nov 19 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 057 botulinum toxin gastroparesis Jan 2021 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 058 Toujeo Type 2 Diabetes update Jan 2021 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 059 Insulin degludec (AMBER)  July 2017.pdf
Recommendation 060 gabapentin  pregabalin  in RLS.pdf
Recommendation 061 clonazepam in RLS.pdf
Recommendation 062 Opioids in RLS.pdf
Recommendation 063 Pitolisant for narcolepsy (RED) June 19 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 064 Clonidine patches for dystonia April 2017.pdf
Recommendation 065 rivaroxaban pelvic fracture May 2017.pdf
Recommendation 066 anti MAP therapy for IBD May 2017.pdf
Recommendation 067 Dymista for allergic rhinitis June 2017.pdf
Recommendation 068 Brimonidine gel (Mirvaso) June 2017 (.pdf
Recommendation 069 Moxifloxacin eye drops June 2017.pdf
Recommendation 070 botulinum oesophageal spasm(RED)  July 2017.pdf
Recommendation 071 botulinum toxin achalasia (RED)  July 2017.pdf
Recommendation 072 collagenase Peyronies (GREY) July 2017.pdf
Recommendation 073 Duavive HRT (AMBER2) August 2017.pdf
Recommendation 074 Tioguanine IBD (RED) Sept 2017.pdf
Recommendation 075 Golimumab 100mg IBD Sept 2017.pdf
Recommendation 076 Ferric maltol IBD (AMBER2) Feb 19.pdf
Recommendation 077 hyperhidrosis (GREEN) October 2017.pdf
Recommendation 078 ciclosporin eye VKC AKC children updated Dec 18.pdf
Recommendation 079 Velphoro (RED) Nov 19 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 080 Oestrogen gels in menopause April 2018.pdf
Recommendation 081 botulinum anal fissure (RED) May 2018.pdf
Recommendation 082 Efracea (green) FINAL May 2018.pdf
Recommendation 083 Ivermectin (green)  FINAL May 2018.pdf
Recommendation 084 Trelegy and Trimbow COPD AMB 1 June 2018.pdf
Recommendation 085 Spiriva Respimat COPD GREEN June 2018.pdf
Recommendation 086 Spiolto COPD GREEN June 2018.pdf
Recommendation 087 opicapone in Parkinson's Disease July 2018.pdf
Recommendation 088 Narcolepsy cataplexy Aug 18.pdf
Recommendation 089 Non-REM parasomnia Aug 18.pdf
Recommendation 090 REM Behaviour Disorder (AMBER) Aug 18.pdf
Recommendation 091 REM Behaviour Disorder (RED) Aug 18.pdf
Recommendation 092 Levosert and Kyleena August 2018.pdf
Recommendation 093 desmopressin (Noqdirna) FINAL Sep 2018 (RED).pdf
Recommendation 094 Omalizumab inducible urticaria FINAL Dec 2018.pdf
Recommendation 095 Zyclara cream for AK (GREY) Jan 19.pdf
Recommendation 096  Aldara cream for BCC Jan 19  (RED).pdf
Recommendation 097 Cariprazine schizophrenia adults (RED) Feb 19.pdf
Recommendation 098 aprepitant gastroparesis (RED) Feb 19.pdf
Recommendation 099 lymecycline rosacea GREEN Mar 2019.pdf
Recommendation 100 etoricoxib AS and RA (AMBER) Apr 19.pdf
Recommendation 101 Buprenorphine LA Buvidal (RED) MAY 2019.pdf
Recommendation 102 Naloxone nasal Nyxoid (RED) MAY 2019.pdf
Recommendation 103 Mycophenolate Sodium - AMBER 3 Sept 19 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 104 Rivaroxaban SVT (RED) FINAL June 2019.pdf
Recommendation 105 testosterone gel female libido AMBER2 FINAL June 2019.pdf
Recommendation 106 melatonin headache (RED) FINAL July 2019.pdf
Recommendation 107 Saflutan Taptiqom PF drops AMBER2 FINAL Aug 2019.pdf
Recommendation 108 Fixapost IOP AMBER2 FINAL Aug 2019.pdf
Recommendation 109 Rivaroxaban HIT (RED) FINAL Oct 2019.pdf
Recommendation 110 Glycopyrronium liquid hypersalivation AMBER 2 Sep 19 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 111 semaglutide Type 2 diabetes (AMBER 3) FINAL Oct 2019.pdf
Recommendation 112 Prasterone pessaries (AMBER 2) FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 113 Actikerall AK GREEN FINAL Feb 2020.pdf
Recommendation 114 Imiquimod 5 percent cream AK GREEN FINAL Feb 2020.pdf
Recommendation 115 Fiasp insulin (AMBER 2) FINAL Feb 2020.pdf
Recommendation 116 Safinamide for PD (RED) FINAL Mar 2020.pdf
Recommendation 117 budesonide 3mg AIH (amber 2) FINAL Nov 2020.pdf
Recommendation 118  Slenyto paediatrics (amber 3)  FINAL Nov 2020.pdf
Recommendation 119 botulnum toxin spasmodic dysphonia Dec 2020 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 120 Invicorp erectile dysfunction (amber 2) Dec 2020 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 121 Vitaros erectile dysfunction (amber 2) Dec 2020 FINAL.pdf
Recommendation 122 rivaroxaban LVT RED FINAL Jan 2021.pdf
Recommendation 123 memantine migraine RED FINAL Jan 2021.pdf
Recommendation 124 ORAL semaglutide Type 2 diabetes (AMBER 3) FINAL.pdf