​Governing Body meetings and papers​


These meetings have now been replaced by those organised by NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group.  To find out more, including details of future meetings, please visit the CCG website.

To view governing body meeting papers for Lambeth CCG prior to authorisation in April 2013, visit the archived NHS South East London website.

 Page updated 15.04.20

Papers Governing Body Meeting in Public Wednesday 1 November 2017 Rvsd_.pdf
NHS Lambeth CCG Public forum 20th September Notes PHY AP CF AM fnl.pdf
LSAB 050717 Minutes Approved.pdf
LCCG Safeguarding and LAC Working Group 26 06 2017 final.pdf
Health and Wellbeing Board minutes 29062017 1800 final.pdf
Health and Wellbeing Board final 200417 1800.pdf
Enc 134iii  20171017 SEL IUC Equality Analysis v4 VR APPROVED.pdf
Enc 134ii Revised SEL IUC Service Specification v8 31.10.17.pdf
Enc 129iii Key findings LBL Vulnerable Adults HNA.pdf
Enc 129ii LBL Vulnerable Adults Pathway HNA.pdf
20170712 Lambeth Borough Prescribing Ctte Final Minutes.pdf