​Governing Body meetings and papers​


These meetings have now been replaced by those organised by NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group.  To find out more, including details of future meetings, please visit the CCG website.

To view governing body meeting papers for Lambeth CCG prior to authorisation in April 2013, visit the archived NHS South East London website.

 Page updated 15.04.20

SE London PCJC meeting 20 Oct 2016 minutes FINAL APPROVED.pdf
SE London PCJC meeting 15 Dec 2016 minutes FINAL APPROVED.pdf
Public Forum notes Jan 18  2017 PHYCFAM.pdf
March Integrated Governance and Performance Report GB.pdf
LSAB 04 Oct 2016 General Minutes  Rw chr.pdf
Healthy London update January 2017.pdf
Governing Body 1st March 2017 meeting papers  - Revised 24.02.17.pdf
CFSP Minutes 61 minutes 110117 final_JP.pdf
20161130 LBPC Approved  Minutes.pdf
20161013 Area Prescribing Committee Minutes October 2016.pdf
20 Oct 2016 Health and Wellbeing Board Printed minutes.pdf
1718 Guide to the Delegation Agreement FINAL (3).pdf
1718 Delegation Agreement Completion Instructions FINAL (3).pdf