Primary Care Meetings

From 1 April 2020 these meetings have now been replaced by those organised by NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group, (SELCCG). To find out more, including details of future meetings, please visit the SELCCG website.

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee was a committee of NHS Lambeth CCG Governing Body established to exercise its functions relating to Primary Medical Services Commissioning as delegated by NHS England.

Those delegated responsibilities included:

  • Planning primary medical services (including carrying out and responding to local needs assessments).
  • Reviewing and seeking to improve and support the development of local general practice.
  • Managing and ensuring the commissioning of good quality services within the budgets available to pay for them.

    Primary Care Joint Committees are committees of the local CCG Governing Body and NHS England who have formally agreed to commission local general practice services under section 83 of the NHS Act.  

CCGs and NHS England recognise the importance of high quality, safe and accessible primary care services and are committed to working together to secure them locally.

Upcoming SELCCG meeting dates are available here.

31 March 2020

Important notice

Please note that as a result of the coronavirus pandemic this meeting has been cancelled.

​10.40am - 12.30pm

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