​The Kindness Award


Winner: Sinead Brookman [pictured left], Lead Anticoagulation Nurse, Anticoagulation Clinic, King's College Hospital

Sinead was nominated by Julia Czuprynska.

Sinead is a true patient advocate and frequently impresses colleagues and patients by her actions on ward rounds: from ensuring that basic needs are met (e.g. moving water jugs and cups to ensure they are within reach), giving a comforting smile and sharing a kind word when it was needed the most, to appropriately suggesting  that a patient who had been struggling with staying in hospital might be better off at home with the correct support.

For example, Sinead helped a young lady who was finding a prolonged inpatient stay very difficult and was absolutely desperate to go home but still needed medical input. Sinead realised this, communicated with the relevant teams and patients' family and arranged discharge home with outpatient support – the patient cried grateful tears and felt listened to when at her most vulnerable.

Julia said, "It is a rare thing to find anyone with such a huge heart who cares so much but who is also intelligent enough to channel these energies into improving patient care and attract her fellow team members to follow suit."


  • Dr Nadine Keen, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychological Interventions Clinic for outpatients with Psychosis Co-ordinator, South London and the Maudsley, NHS Foundation Trust
  • Mia Hilborn and the Chaplaincy Team, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust