​Innovation in Lambeth Award 


Winner: Maudsley Simulation Team [pictured with Ami David, left and Councillor Ed Davie, right], South London and the Maudsley, NHS Foundation Trust

The team were nominated by Chris Attoe.

The police and ambulance services are often the first professionals to help individuals experiencing mental health conditions and crises, before mental health services are involved. The knowledge, confidence, and ability of Police and ambulance services to recognize and manage mental health conditions will have a significant impact on these people. To meet this challenge, In 2016, Maudsley Simulation developed an innovative training course aimed at the police, ambulance and mental health services.

The course used technology-enhanced simulation training to run scenarios based on the real life workplace experiences of the police and ambulance services. During the course, police and ambulance staff take part in six different simulation scenarios, meeting a variety of simulated patients, played by professional actors, in immersive environments. Actors are trained by local service users groups to portray and understand experience of mental illness.

Evaluations demonstrated improved confidence and knowledge in the recognition and management of people with mental health conditions; improved understanding of the role of non-technical skills in the workplace; and awareness and confidence of what action to take in challenging scenarios. These benefits will have a positive impact on interactions with local people experiencing mental illness.


  • Ursula Joy, Founder, Project DARE!
  • Dr Bu Hayee, Clinical Lead for Gastroenterology, King's College Hospital and Reader in Gastroenterology, King's College London
  • Dr Muhammed Usman Quraishi, GP Director and Founder of AT Medics, Streatham Place Surgery