​Help shape the NHS in south east London

In January, the NHS set out its plans for the next 10 years across the whole of England.

The plan shows how extra money for the NHS will be spent to help people. It is based on what the public and NHS staff thought the NHS needs to make care better; more easily accessible and close to where they live; and to get better at helping people to stay well.

We now need to consider what this will look like in South East London. We need your help to make some big decisions on what this means for our area.

Hundreds of people have talked with us over the past three years about how to make a healthier south east London. Listening to you, we have sought to improve services in our hospitals and in the community but we recognise there is always more to do.

Talking about all of our plans all at once is hard to do. That's why, as part of our local STP, Our Healthier South East London (OHSEL) we're using the next two months to focus on just six areas and questions where we really want to hear your views.

  • Getting the best start in life: We will be discussing questions including how much time should the NHS spend working with primary schools?
  • Children and young people's mental health: We will be discussing questions including should GPs be trained to help young people in how they use social media?
  • Access to services: We will be discussing questions including what services are better than A&E?
  • Improving hospital appointments that do not involve an overnight stay: We will be discussing questions including when would you like the hospital doctor to give you a ring?
  • Social isolation and working with charities: We will be discussing questions including what services in the community should we prioritise?
Services working together: We will be discussing questions including how much difference should there be between health and social care budgets?

But as in any conversation, what we want to talk about is only half the story. We always want to hear about what matters to you so these are a starting point for conversations.

There are a number of ways you can let us know what you think:

By coming along our Lambeth focused engagement event on 16 August, 11am - 1.30pm where you will have the opportunity to discuss these issues and more. 

Venue: Committee Room

Lambeth Town Hall

1 Brixton Hill



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You can find out more and register to attend here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/help-us-to-shape-the-future-of-the-nhs-in-lambeth-and-south-east-london-tickets-64248228180

By coming along to one of the six topic specific engagement events which will be in held each south east London Borough In July where you will have the opportunity to discuss one of these areas in more detail. You can register to attend here: 
Improving daytime hospital appointments: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/help-us-to-improve-daytime-hospital-appointments-in-south-east-london-tickets-63641123313

By answering our short survey https://kscope.typeform.com/to/yMJJLx which closes on 26 July.

We will also be getting out into communities in June and July and going to the places where you are already meeting to discuss these issues and get your views, particularly seeking out views from people who are affected by decisions but often do not give their views.

We look forward to hearing what you think and using this information to shape services for the future. If you have any further questions please contact hello@kaleidoscope.healthcare 

Find out more on the OHSEL website.

Page updated 11.7.19