Get involved 

Why you should get involved

NHS Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group aims to put patients and carers at the centre of all that we do. We want you to feel that you are being listened to, and that your views are making a valuable contribution in setting health priorities and shaping health services for people in Lambeth.

By getting involved, you can help us to improve the healthcare services that you use. 

We have refreshed our approach to involving local people to bring us up to date with recent developments in health and care. To find out more click on Our Involving People Strategy tab on the left side menu on this page.

How you can join in

There are many ways to get involved in making local health services better. you can make a suggestion via our website, attend a local meeting or go along to one of the many events in your community.

In this section you will find many ways to get involved and give us your views and feedback.

Get involved in our current projects and events.

Join a patient group or user forum.

Come to CCG meetings​.

National NHS consultations

You can find out about national NHS consultations on the NHS England website here.

Lambeth Council consultations

You can find out about Lambeth Council consultations on their website here.

Page updated 4.10.17