​Review of interpreting and translation service

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NHS Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is working with NHS Southwark and NHS Lewisham CCGs to review the interpreting and translation service for patients in GP surgeries, dentists and opticians.

Between October 2018 – January 2019, we have been listening to and talking with people that use our interpreting service to tell us about their experience of the service and whether it meets their needs.  We also discussed whether people were aware of the service and whether they used it.  People filled in copies of the survey that were available in the languages below both electronically and as paper copies.    

We are currently writing a report that will outline recommendations about how the service will look in the future. This report will be made available in the coming months

For further information please email ydavies@nhs.net


Our areas are richly diverse, with patients from numerous cultural and ethnic backgrounds speaking over 100 languages. The interpreting and translation service helps people communicate with their doctor or nurse if they do not speak English.

The services provide translation over the telephone, face-to-face, or with a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter. It is not a health advice service.

We asked to hear from people who use the service, particularly those who speak the most requested languages. In Lambeth, these include Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, and Somali.

This was an opportunity to tell us what they thought about interpreting and translation support and help us shape local services.  

للاستماع إلى رسالتنا حول مراجعة الترجمة 
وخدمات الترجمة باللغة  العربية يرجى النقرهنا.
点击此处 听粤有关翻译服务的检讨信息。如您想发表意见
点击此处 听普通话 有关翻译服务的检讨信息。如您想发表意见、


Para ouvir a nossa mensagem sobre a revisão dos serviços de interpretação e tradução em Português por favor clique aqui
​Si aad u dhegaysatid farriintan ku saabsan dibuhabaynta tarjumaadda fadlan ku dar ‘Somali’ halkan guji.
​Para escuchar nuestro mensaje acerca de los servicios de interpretación y traducción en español, por favor cliquea aquí.
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Hãy nhấn vào đây để nghe thông tin về việc xem xét Dịch vụ Thông dịch và Dịch thuật  bằng Tiếng Việt. Xin quý vị nhấn
​British Sign Language
To find out more about the review, you can view this video which has been translated into British Sign Language. Subtitles are also available.

Surveys to download in different languages


Thanks to everyone who filled out our survey and had their say about interpreting and translation services. Our teams gave out over 1,000 surveys and engaged with more than 190 people.

We are currently writing a report that will outline the findings which will inform the recommendations about how the service will look in the future. This report will be made available in the coming months. For further information, please email Yvonne Davies.

Interpretation and Translation Review

We’d like to say thank you to everyone who helped us with the Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark Interpretation and Translation Service Review. People living in Lambeth filled in a survey, on-line or at their GP practice (doctor) or with our staff.

See what people in Lambeth told us here.

We talked to people at churches and children’s centres and went to see some groups. All the information that we collected went in to a report about interpretation and translation services in the three boroughs. You can read the full report here. You told us that the Interpretation and Translation Service was a good service. Some people, who use British Sign Language BSL, waited longer for an interpreter and had found it hard to get translation help.

You said that having an interpreter or translator was important to you, and made it easier for you to see doctors and nurses and to look after your health. Most people that we heard from had used telephone interpreting and some had used face-to-face interpreters, when an interpreter is in the room with them. People who used telephone interpreting sometimes had problems with the telephone, like the sound not being clear or the call cutting off. People who used face to face interpreters, especially if they often met the same person, thought it was important to know and trust the interpreter. Our GP practices told us that they needed interpretation and translation services to give patients the best care. If you want to know what people told is in Lambeth , Lewisham and Southwark there are slides to watch here.

After the review the Interpretation and Translation Services will stay the same and we will work on improving some of the things that you said needed to be different or better.

Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham CCGs are now working together to put in place a new service for April 2020.