Lambeth Carers Strategy 

"Our vision is for families and carers in Lambeth to feel recognised, valued and included as equal partners in the support and care for the person they care for. Equally we want families and carers to have full, enjoyable and confident lives in their own right alongside their caring role."

The Lambeth carers strategy seeks to improve the quality of life of unpaid carers in our borough. We are working towards ensuring all carers are:

  • able to have a life of one's own alongside caring
  • protected from financial hardship caused by their caring role
  • supported to  stay mentally and physically well
  •  respected as care and support partners at the heart of decision making  
  •  (young carers) able to enjoy a thriving childhood and are protected from inappropriate caring roles


NHS Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group  and the London Borough of Lambeth have developed a joint carers strategy, 'Working together with Families and Carers - A Framework for Action'.  The outcomes and priorities set out in the Framework were informed by the views of families, carers, Carers Hub Lambeth and stakeholders gathered from a range of surveys, service development work and engagement events.

Making it happen - Action Plan

The Carers Collaborative Strategy Group has since been formed to drive forward the strategy, by developing and implementing an Action Plan for carers.

The 2019-20 Action Plan for carers sets out four priority areas. You can read the plan in full here.

  • Working with  local partners and services - to improve support and ensure carers become everyone's business
  • Developing  a Carers Passport for Lambeth - to recognise carers and their vital contribution to our community
  • Building the Carers Collaborative network - to bring together carer organisations and carer leads in Lambeth
  • Raising awareness of carers in Lambeth - to increase understanding within local services and the wider community

Get involved

We are keen to link up with local carers, community members and  professionals who would like to get involved in the carers strategy,  so that together we can make a real difference to the lives of carers in our borough.

For more information or for details of how you can get involved contact the Carers Strategy Development Manager at Carers Hub Lambeth on or 020 7501 8970.

Who we are

The Carers Collaborative Strategy Group  brings together carers and representatives from Age UK Lambeth, Carers4Carers, Carers' Hub Lambeth, Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly, Lambeth Parent Forum, London Borough of Lambeth, NHS Lambeth CCG and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

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