​Health and wellbeing in Lambeth


We want to help Lambeth people be as healthy as possible. Most importantly, we know this improves people's lives and makes them happier. We also know that healthier people use NHS services less which saves public money.

What we know – health in Lambeth

We know there are health inequalities in Lambeth. Life expectancy in Lambeth is lower and premature mortality is higher for a number of health conditions including circulatory diseases, cancers, and respiratory conditions. There are other high levels of health needs in Lambeth such as long-term conditions (diabetes, cancer, coronary heart disease, HIV and respiratory diseases), mental health, sexual health, substance misuse and childhood obesity.

Our plans for improving health and wellbeing

There is more information on our plans to improve health and wellbeing in Lambeth in our dedicated section.

Page updated 30.7.18