​What we do

The CCG role within the NHS 

This section is all about what our job is and how we serve the people of Lambeth. You can read about what we do as a CCG and our role within the wider NHS.

There is information about how we work to improve health and wellbeing. There is also a page about our role to improve the quality of health services and healthcare you receive, including developing new services, making services easier to use and making them more joined up with the rest of the NHS.

You will also read about our purpose and the way we define the way the CCG works on our mission, vision and values page.

Working together with other organisations 

It's important to remember we don't work alone, the NHS, local councils and other organisations providing healthcare and support, all work together to make sure Lambeth people get the support they need. You can read more about who work we work with and how, on our 'Working in partnership' page.

Our most important partner is you, Lambeth residents and patients. To find out how you can tell us about your experiences and help shape the NHS, go to our Get Involved section.