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Information that has been held previously by NHS Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), NHS Bromley CCG, NHS Greenwich CCG, NHS Lambeth CCG, NHS Lewisham CCG and NHS Southwark CCG is transferring to the new CCG, NHS South East London CCG on 1st April 2020. The new CCG will become the new controller for the data held by the superseded organisations. For further information about how NHS SEL CCG processes personal data, please refer to the organisation’s privacy notices. If you have any further questions about the use of data by NHS SEL CCG, please contact:

Our mission, vision and values​

As an organisation we work on lots of different projects and plans. Our mission, vision and values define the way we do these things and what we're working towards.

What is a mission statement? 

A mission statement defines an organisation's purpose and aim. NHS Lambeth CCG's mission is:

'To improve the health of and reduce inequalities for Lambeth people and to commission high quality health services on their behalf'.

Our CCG values 

  • We will always tell the truth
  • We are fair
  • We are open
  • We recognise our responsibilities to service users and the wider public
  • We act responsibly, with and for our member practices, as a public sector organisation

Our vision for clinical commissioning 

Our Governing Body approved a new and bold Strategic Vision, or vision statement, for Lambeth CCG "Healthier Together" in November 2013. You can view the Lambeth Strategic Vision Statement and a summary on our Publications page..

This Strategic Vision builds upon what we have heard from Lambeth people and from our partners in the BIG Lambeth Health Debate and sets out six new Lambeth CCG commitments:

  • People centred - we will work to co-produce services, built around individuals and population needs, enabling people to stay healthy and manage their own care.
  • Prevention focused - we will prioritise prevention of ill health and the factors that create it, enabling people to live longer and healthier lives.
  • Integrated - we will commission services in a way that brings service provision together around the needs of people and reduces boundaries and barriers to care.
  • Consistent - we will promote high quality, accessible, equitable and safe services and reduce variation and variability in provision.
  • Innovative - we will use 21st century technologies to provide better services, better information and to promote choices.
  • Deliver best value - we will ensure we live within our means and use our resources well.