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Safeguarding children

Safeguarding children is one of the highest priorities for Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG). Underpinning our commitment to support all children to achieve their full potential we are committed to ensuring that the risk of neglect, physical, sexual, or emotional harm to all children and young people in Lambeth is minimised.

What is child safeguarding?

Child safeguarding can be defined as:

“Protecting children from maltreatment, preventing impairment of health or development and ensuring their circumstances are consistent with safe and effective care” (Working Together 2010).

Who are the Lambeth Safeguarding Children team and what are we doing?

The Safeguarding Children Team is a group of doctors, nurses and health care professionals who are passionate and committed to placing children at the centre of all clinical care in the borough by ensuring a child-centred focus to health service provision and development.

Our job is to maintain and improve services available to children and families across the borough and, in particular, to ensure that child safeguarding concerns are addressed in a proactive and timely fashion.
We also provide training to health care and associated professionals across the borough to ensure that everyone is able to recognise, and act on, concerns about a child’s wellbeing.
We do not work in isolation. A key component of our work is collaborating and liaising with other agencies and sometimes it is both necessary and important to share information with police, social services, and the voluntary sector to protect children.

Who can raise a safeguarding child concern?

Safeguarding concerns may be raised by any person experiencing the alleged abuse, relatives, carers or a member of the general public and health and social care staff.

How do I raise a concern?

All children and young people have the right to live in safety, without emotional cruelty, neglect, violence, or sexual abuse.

If you have concerns that a child is at risk of being abused, stay calm and ensure the child is safe. Don’t delay in reporting the alleged abuse.

The referral must be sent to First Response Team (FRT) via secure email

or with password protection to


Lambeth Children’s Services First Response Team

  • Generic Line 020 7926 3344
  • Out of hours 020 7926 1000


If a child is at risk of immediate harm, call the police on 999.

Out-of-hours emergency at other times

020 7926 1000
In an emergency dial 999

​​Look at our interactive Safeguarding cards - a guide for staff.​

Further information

Children and adults can access free and confidential help from:
ChildLine: 0800 1111
You can also find out more information by going to: