​Equality and diversity

Our commitment to equality and diversity in Lambeth

Our CCG mission to improve health and to reduce inequalities in health for Lambeth people means that promoting equality, diversity and human rights is core business for us as a commissioner.  We are committed to making sure that health and care services meet the needs of all Lambeth people, and that Lambeth's health and care workforce enjoys an experience that is free from discrimination and that offers equal opportunities for progression. 

As a public sector organisation are mindful of the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not, and to
  • Foster good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not   

We seek also to uphold the NHS Constitution's commitment to reduce health inequalities and 'pay particular attention to groups or sections of society where improvements in health and life expectancy are not keeping pace with the rest of the population'

We will be proactive and dynamic in our approach to understanding and responding to diverse needs, making best use of all available data and engaging our workforce, our communities and our stakeholders to support our work. 

All our reporting to the Governing Body on commissioning activty across our principle programmes goes through internal Equality Impact Assessment processes. In addition, reports are accompanied by an Equalities template providing assurance of consideration of equalities and diversity in planning and ongoing evaluation of services.

Our borough

As we plan services to meet the health needs of all Lambeth people we are mindful of the diverse nature of Lambeth's population. Our borough is:

  • Young and mobile: we have a higher proportion of young adults and a smaller proportion of people aged 55+ than the rest of England. 20-39 year-olds make up 44% of the total population, while just 8% of Lambeth people are aged over 65.  About 20 per cent of Lambeth's population moves into or out of the borough each year
  • Densely populated and growing: our population of 327,600 will reach 355,200 by 2025, a rise of 9% from 2015
  • Ethnically diverse: 60% of Lambeth's population (3 in 5) describe their ethnicity as other than white British. People from black and other minority ethnic groups will make up 41% of our population by 2025 and the main languages spoken after English are Spanish and Portuguese
  • Struggling with high levels of deprivation and rising inequalities: 27% of Lambeth children live in poverty.

    With our partners in GP practices, the local authority, hospitals and in the community we have made progress to improve health and wellbeing: life expectancy has steadily increased over the last twenty years and we have reduced avoidable deaths from major killers such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. However, significant challenges remain to make sure that all Lambeth people can enjoy the highest levels of health and wellbeing. 

 Lambeth CCG equality goals and objectives

You can read about our four year equality objectives from 2015-19 in our Equalities Strategy on our Publications page. We report on our equalities work every year, both in our Annual Report and also in our Public Sector Equality Duty reports.     

Workforce Race Equality Standard

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