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​Case studies

NHS Lambeth CCG is responsible for commissioning healthcare services for the people who live and work in the borough. The CCG is made up of 47 GP practices in Lambeth, who work together with our partners in the local NHS - pharmacists, dentists, hospitals and mental health providers, Lambeth Council and local community groups, to improve health and wellbeing, reduce health inequalities, and ensure everyone has equal access to healthcare services.
Case studies relating to patients, a service review and an engagement activity shared by commissioners and programme leads can be read on this page. These are examples of Lambeth CCG's equalities work.  

Case Study: @home team

Caring for older and vulnerable people 

This case study shows the service the @home team offered to a patient who had already had multiple admissions to hospital in recent months. The team managed to avoid a further readmission and also support the patient and her family to make the decision to plan for end of life care. Most importantly, the team helped to ensure the patient’s wishes to be cared for in her own home was possible.
Read the full case study.

Case Study - Emergency Rapid Response
Caring for older and vulnerable people 

An elderly patient living at home, cared for by her daughter and social services, was referred to the Emergency Rapid Response team by a consultant at King’s College Hospital. The team supported both the patient and her daughter to improve the quality of life for the patient and her daughter. ​

The daughter said: "The Rapid Response team have made me feel more confident at being able to care for my mother. I am no longer afraid that she will get out of bed on her own. I am now able to sleep through the night in my own room rather than having to sleep on the sofa in my mother’s room to make sure she doesn’t get out of bed." 
Read the case study

Case Study - Mental Health Services for Adults 
Ensuring ​equity of service provision 

This case study examines whether the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service was being provided to all eligible groups in Lambeth. Read the case study

Case Study - Primary Care 
Improving experiences of quality

In this case study, we see how a GP was able to meet the needs of patients from different backgrounds by changes to the system. 
Read more about the chan​ges introduced.

Case Study - Engagement
Positve impact engagement through partnerships

In October 2012 Lambeth Council’s Health and Adult Services Scrutiny Committee recommended that Lambeth borough needed to do more to address the issue of relatively poor mental health and outcomes amongst black African and Caribbean residents. Responding to this, the Lambeth Black Health and Wellbeing Commission was developed. 
Read mo​re about the work they’ve done working with local partners.  ​​