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What are Clinical Commissioning Groups?

Clinical Commissioning Groups or 'CCGs' were created in April 2013 after NHS reforms and are made up of all the local GP surgeries. The role of an NHS CCG is to commission NHS services on behalf of the people who live in the area.

Doctors and nurses leading the NHS in Lambeth 

Our practices in Lambeth work together with our partners in the local NHS - pharmacists, dentists, hospitals and mental health providers, Lambeth Council and local community groups, to improve health and wellbeing, reduce health inequalities, and ensure everyone has equal access to healthcare services.

We are responsible for spending £525m each year on hospital and community health services for our patients, in a way which ensures the most effective services are available. Along with commissioning services, we are also responsible for monitoring how well these services are provided.

We realise that we can only do these things if we hear and understand what people think of health services and we are committed to getting your feedback. Particularly, whether the services you use are meeting your needs.

We aim to offer the people of Lambeth a wide range of accessible, high quality and easy to use services to help them stay healthy, and to care for them when they fall ill and need extra support.

More information about Lambeth CCG 

This section explains what our job is in Lambeth by providing information on what we do and our governance. You can read about what commissioning is and find more information about the services we commission for Lambeth residents. You can read about our Governing Body and our members in more detail. Our governance systems ensure our organisation is efficiently, ethically, legally, and transparently. You can also read about our commitments to Equality and Diversity.

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