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Unpaid Carer of the Year​ award nominee

Pamela Merillees

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Pamela Merillees, aged 82, cares for her 88 years old friend. Her friend suffers from Parkinson’s disease, is registered blind, hard of hearing and a wheelchair user. Miss Merillees cooks her friend’s main meals, serves food and drinks for her, washes her clothes, shops, keeps her company and monitors her health conditions, medical supplies and all health-related appointments.  

Her friend has regular falls and has been referred to Falls Clinic at King'​s College Hospital. She thinks that someone needs to make her friend ‘activate’ and that it is good to have someone coming to read to her fortnightly. 

Miss Merillees has her own illnesses and she has no strength to push her friend's wheelchair, therefore, she cannot take her out for a walk for fresh air, sunshine and a change to outdoor environment. The friend stays as home most of the time as she is unable to push her wheelchair herself. It is also hard for her to help her friend up and down the stairs because of the narrow staircase. 

“Miss Merillees has been very supportive to her friend. She gives up her own social activities and stays in providing all her friend’s daily needs, putting her own aside. Her main goal is to make her friend live happily.”