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Working Together award nominee

​Integrated Personalised Support Alliance


The Lambeth Alliance (IPSA) is a unique partnership formed to deliver improved outcomes to people with complex mental health difficulties and high support needs in the borough. IPSA brings together key partners from Lambeth Council, Lambeth CCG, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and two voluntary sector organisations, Certitude and Thames Reach.

Identifying alternatives to inpatient admission has led to a 60% reduction in admission rates to inpatient rehabilitation wards in Lambeth. They have developed an integrated Alliance Rehabilitation Team - voluntary sector staff, social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, consultant psychiatrists - to intensively support people in their homes who previously would have gone into hospital.

A new accommodation service ‘The Turrets’ is a seven-bed service offering an intensive rehabilitation approach in the community for a period of six months. It includes personalised activities such as healthy eating & exercise, development of daily living skills, a psychiatrist, occupational therapist and psychologist, alongside voluntary sector support staff. 

Sixty five people in rehabilitation and residential care placements have been supported to move to alterative accommodation or to go back home with support.

The IPSA has reduced the use of entry to residential care to 67%, and has also increased the number of discharges from residential care by 30%. ​