​QUIC - Quality Alerts, Incidents and Commendations​


This area is for GP practice members to report Quality Alerts, Incidents and Commendations via the QUIC system, relating to individuals and services across the CCG, including other providers and clinical and non-clinical services.  Please click on any of the headings below to make your report on QUIC. 
The input forms have been designed to make reporting easier and quicker.  We have listened to comments about the previous system hosted on the Datix system – for example we noted that feedback has not been as good or as quick as you would have liked and you will see improvements going forward.

QUIC has also been developed for service providers to use in the same way about GP practices and other services.

Click here to log a Quality Alert

A Quality Alert is a systemic issue, generally affecting a service, or the ability to deliver a high quality service. This is your opportunity to report anything that will help support the delivery of a high level service to all our patients and other contacts. 

We will provide regular reports to providers, practices, localities and commissioners on Quality Alerts, highlighting the issues reported and actions identified and taken to address these 

The latest quality alert feedback report is available hereQuality Alerts_YSWD_ Q4 16-17 05062017.pdf

Click here to log an Incident

An incident is defined as an actual event or near miss that generally affects a specific person or group of people that has either caused or could have caused harm.

Reporting Patient Safety or Staff Safety Incidents means they can be looked into to prevent the likelihood of recurrence and managed so that we are all able to learn.

We are all responsible for reporting any areas of concern to ensure patient and staff safety.

Please report any incidents following this link. Please remember to tick the box to “Notify your CCG” and include the name of the provider service (if relevant) in the incident description. Further information about GP incident reporting can be found here​.

For any advice, support, training or if you have any suggestions for QUIC going forward, please contact Pippa Pritchard, CCG Governance Manager – telephone 0203 049 4090 or email p.pritchard@nhs.net

Click here​ to log a Commendation

These can be about individuals, a team, a service or even an entire organisation.  They are our chance to acknowledge and thank the people who work with and support us.


Complaints are individually raised by complainants. Any actions are monitored by the CCG and providers. Below are the relevant providers, please see their websites to access their complaints process: