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​All practice event - 9 July 2013

Thank you to all who attended this lively event.  We had over 100 people in attendance.  It was an opportunity for members to:
  • hear how we have influenced recent CCG delivery.  For more details see the presentation in the document box below
  • learn how we can be leading our engagement in local strategy and what resources are available to support us in taking forward the BIG Lambeth Health Debate.  Participants commented on how the event clarified the challenges to clinical commissioning as well as the opportunities for more collaboration and partnership working.  A resource pack at the end of the event also provided useful information for establishing patient participation groups and templates for capturing the discussions
  • identify the role localities can take in securing improvements for identified priorities.  Examples included inviting providers to locality meetings and discussing improved communications.  I am personally keen for ideas discussed in group work to inform our website and newsletter developments.

I hope that members now feel more equipped to take forward local discussions in the BIG Lambeth Health Debate.  If you have areas in which you would like further advice or support to take this forward please contact us on

Group work discussions also identified opportunities for the localities to further develop primary care, community services, mental health and integrated care (long term conditions).   I will be liaising with chairs regarding how we can take this forward.

Neil Vass reminded member practices of the role of the Collaborative Forum and the importance of participating in the Governing Body election process.  Votes close on the 19th July 2013.

I was delighted to see that over all 64% of respondents thought the event was good, very good or excellent  and 36% said it was fair.   

You can read the full report from the event below.