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All Practice Event - 20 January 2015

Help to shape clinical commissioning in Lambeth through:

Influencing co-commissioning in Lambeth

Informing how we might implement primary care specifications

Influencing our delivery programmes

Getting involved in building our local sense of membership and engagement 

All Practice Event 20 January 2015 registration details.pdf
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All Practice Event 20 January Agenda.pdf
06/02/2015 17:24NELCSU-SP\LambethCCG_sp2013
APE 20 January 2015 - Event report.pdf
10/02/2015 14:56NELCSU-SP\LambethCCG_sp2013
APE Presentations 20 January.pdf
06/02/2015 17:25NELCSU-SP\LambethCCG_sp2013