Integrated care children  

Safeguarding children is one of the highest priorities for Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG). Underpinning our commitment to support all children to achieve their full potential we are committed to ensuring that the risk of neglect, physical, sexual, or emotional harm to all children and young people in Lambeth is minimised.
The Integrated Children and Maternity programme aims to deliver an effective early intervention and prevention model of care and ensure high quality services are available at the right time for children and young people from conception to18 years of age and their families living in Lambeth. 
The programme builds on the work already undertaken to date, drawn from the Integrated Early Intervention and Prevention strategy, the development of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) Strategy, the work of the Evelina London Child Health Programme (ELCHP) for integrated primary and secondary health care and the South East London Maternity Quality Improvement Programme.

Programme Objectives

The overarching objectives of the programme are aligned with Lambeth CCGs overall strategic vision:
  • People focused – our programme will be centred around the needs of individual children and their families, ensuring the voice of the child and family informs service delivery and where appropriate services are co-produced with service users
  • Prevention focused – we will ensure services are developed with a focus on early intervention and prevention. Identifying and addressing the needs of children and their families as early as possible
  • Consistent – The programme will work to improve standards and reduce variation across the borough
  •  Innovative – whilst ensuring learning from national and international best practice and evidence informs service development, we will make sure local innovation is supported and properly evaluated
  •  Integrated – Planning, commissioning and delivery of services will be integrated across the organisation, aligned with integrated strategies to make sure where possible, we offer seamless referral pathways and models of care
  • Deliver best value – we will ensure services are value for money 

Programme Deliverables and Outcome

The overarching outcomes of the Children and Maternity Programme in Lambeth are that children and young people and their families experience measurably improved health and wellbeing and a reduction in health inequalities. The programme will focus on 3 areas:

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

- Co-produce and implement the Lambeth Emotional Health & Wellbeing Strategy for children and young people 
- Reduce demand for specialist Tier 4 services, through commissioning a range of alternative interventions
- Improved transition from CAMHS to Adult Mental Health services


- Oversee the health element of the integrated early intervention delivery model, with clear guidance and standards of care for universal health services and to develop an integrated targeted workforce
- Reduce paediatric accident and emergency (A&E) admissions
- Develop an end to end commissioning approach for Learning Disabilities, including Special Educational Needs (SEN)


- Improve shared care arrangements between primary care and maternity services to ensure risk is identified early
- Deliver London-wide maternity standards (including workforce development), for example 1:1 care in labour, reduced C-section rates
- Support the development of the South East London Maternity Network
You can find maternity referral forms here 
A number of reports and useful resources including topics such as Safeguarding Children and Female Genital Mutilation can be found here  (you will need an N3 connection to access).

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If you have any questions about the commissioning of the Integrated Children and Maternity Programme, please contact Emma Stevenson, Assistant Director Children and Maternity Integrated Commissioning