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Blood test ordering

EMIS request forms

These forms should not be used as they are causing problems with the understanding of test requirements at the Viapath laboratory for the following reasons:

  1. The type of sample tube is not given on the form – this means the phlebotomist does not know which tube to take or takes in the incorrect tube.  Please only use TQuest and Manual forms.
  2. Red Cell Folate tests are being requested via EMIS and these are not available. Please order Serum Folate.
  3. Tests are not being printed on the request form, instead the form only states "Awaiting sample". This means that when a patient presents this form at their blood test they are turned away.

Children's blood tests

All patients 16 years and under must be sent to the Evelina London Children's Hospital only and not to Gracefield Gardens as they will be turned away. Gracefield Gardens does not offer a phlebotomy service for children.​

Full Blood Test (FBC)​

4ml Purple Top (EDTA) must be sent and not a 6ml purple top (EDTA) sample.