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​​​Progress on DXS system​


We caught up with Dr Emma Rowley-Conwy, Clinical lead for Digital Developments and a GP at The Exchange Surgery in Streatham, who talked us through the DXS system and the progress we are making on use across Lambeth practices.

"DXS is an IT system linked to EMIS which allows content such as care pathways and referral forms to be stored, filtered and made available to healthcare providers to use directly when seeing patients and arranging their treatments. The system mainly links to information from Guy's and St Thomas', King's College and St George's hospitals but also with some other providers outside of our area.

The system will auto-populate a form with information about a patient drawn from EMIS and you can email on to a provider directly from the system. This means there is a full audit trail.

Importantly it attaches the appropriate READ codes for a treatment or pathway. In the future, we might use the system to capture real time referral activity data.

Reports from the system can show activity by user, date, type of referral and individual practice activity can be analysed. A good example of an immediate plus is DXS' ability to allow practices to keep track of how they are progressing with 2 week wait cancer referrals and then take action if there are any delays. Practices have a target to meet under the GP Delivery Scheme and we want to support every practice to achieve that during January and March 2017.

We'll admit that there have been some problems along the way but there are now some significant achievements, mainly:

  • All practices should now have access the latest version of DXS – version 5 (if you don't have access please ring technical support as soon as possible and get the issues resolved)
  • Folders have been cleaned up and it has become easier to locate the right forms, guidelines and other information that a practice might need
  • All the referrals forms are up-to-date and validated
  • Training is being offered to all practices to ensure that everyone who needs it knows how to use the system.

Some outstanding issues and other larger scale changes to the way the system works will be resolved and implemented during 2017/8. But the system is fully active and aim is for all providers to use it consistently - for example SLaM does not use it for all their referral forms.

We are also working towards trusts putting more guidance and pathways on there. It's very useful for us to have all provider information in one easily accessible place, particularly for trainees and locums who may not know the area or the local procedures. We would also like to consider standardising the design of the referral form – at the moment each provider asks for information to be provided in slightly different ways.

Our future plans include closer working with Southwark CCG, as we are working with the same providers and our DXS content is very similar.​

I am very interested in IT as an enabler. For we GPs if the system works well it stops us being frustrated with how we're able to access the information we need and leads us to having much better contact with other clinicians, particularly in secondary care, as both sides can see the details about how a pathway works or how treatment for a particular patient is to be managed."


Don't forget, if you are struggling with DXS please ask, the team is available to help with advice on the system and training for users.


Technical issues - DXS Support Team 0800 028 0004 (select option 1)

Non-clinical users - Tracy Everard,

Clinical users – Emma Rowley-Conwy,