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​​PMS update - 4 March 2016

A national review by NHS England of PMS contracts means changes are being made to the way funding is given.

The level of GP funding in Lambeth will not be reduced but changes to the way it is commissioned will be made.

These changes are designed by NHS England to ensure every GP practice across Lambeth is paid equitably for the services they provide and hence that patients receive consistently high quality services - irrespective of which practice they are registered with.

As co-commissioners of primary care, the CCG plays a part in ensuring the changes to contracts support local commissioning priorities.

The CCG, NHS England and the LMC nominated PMS negotiating group met this week to start the formal local negotiation on changes to PMS contracts. This negotiation will continue until mid March and includes discussions about the key performance indicators (KPIs) which will determine a part of the funding.

NHS England will make an offer to local practices which have PMS contracts no later than the end of March 2016, and those with any questions about how it will affect their practice can discuss their concerns with the CCG in one to one meetings which will be held during April.

A special PMS all practice meeting will be held in April (date to be advised).

The CCG shared information about PMS contracts earlier this week via an electronic alert. This can also be viewed here.​