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​​Follwing the update on 17 March 2016​, further information has been released about the suspected cancer referral forms that will launch on 1 April.​ 2016.

The new electronic referral forms will be available on EmisWeb, Vision, SystmOne and DXS. GPs in all CCGs in the London area will need to use these forms when referring patients with a suspected cancer.

Further information

Transition period

After the launch of the new forms there will be a managed transition period during which the old forms can still be used whilst the new forms are being uploaded to practice systems. Once the new forms have been uploaded to your system please ensure all old two-week wait referral forms are removed from your directory. Old forms will be removed from central repositories such as DXS and trust sites however this will not occur until the new forms are in use. The transition will be closely monitored and once it is clear that the large majority of practices are using the new forms the old forms will be phased out.

​How to upload the new forms

For EMIS/Vision, Waltham Forest and West Essex SystmOne practices the practice manager/CCG IT lead will be sent a weblink on 31st March 2016 with an installation guide to upload the new forms which are compatible with your software. DXS will also host the new forms and may take 10-14 days to upload as of 31st March 2016. For SystmOne practices in Central London, West London, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow and Ealing, the Trustwide publishing group will host the templates centrally and practices can contact their local Servicedesk for access. ​

Monitoring and audit

There will be a transition period during which both old and new forms can be used. TCST will conduct a Pan-London audit in the Summer 2016 to assess the use of the new forms and the quality of referral information. If you have any queries regarding access or upload please contact your CCG IT or Cancer Lead for support who will liaise and feedback to the Transforming Cancer Services Team where necessary. 


No more fax

Under the new system ALL suspected cancer referrals should be emailed or sent by e-referral (formerly known as Choose and Book) using the new forms. This method significantly improves reliability and patient safety consistent with good practice. CCGs using an agreed Referral Facilitation Service (RFS) can continue to do so using the new referral forms.

Easy to use

The new forms auto-populate key data from the patient's record therefore improving the quality and reliability, making it easier for referring clinicians to provide relevant information.

​Educational support guides

The forms are based on the latest NICE guidance (NG12, 2015) as well as additional tumour specific referral criteria and deviations which have been agreed for the London area. Weblinks are embedded in the forms to ensure referral criteria and clinical information are easily accessible at the time of referral.