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Message from the Chair, March 2015

Our March governing body meeting was again very well attended. It’s encouraging to see the public’s continued interest in our business and priorities.

The public forum as usual gave us a good flavour of what local people are concerned about and we had a rich discussion about a number of topics.  We reassured attendees that the borough’s 111 service provided by the London Ambulance Service will be temporarily extended to continue beyond the end of March 2015. This is while we work with our South East London CCG colleagues to go out to tender for a provider in the future, and we hope to bring a paper back about the process for this at our May meeting. Topics also included the benefits of cancer screening and prevention and the evidence for the best approach in different age groups of the population and the contract review of the borough wide talking therapies contract which is under way and our commitment to share this at a future governing body meeting.

We began the business part of our meeting formally supporting the submission we made, and have since had approved, for the joint commissioning arrangements for primary care with NHS England and the five other CCGs in South East London for 2015/16. As you know, this followed our in depth discussions at our All Practice Event in January.  I was very pleased that we were able to come to a unanimous decision about this important step forward in our remit, and I’m excited to begin this work in April with our colleagues across the sector.

This month we had a number of presentations on core issues for our public. Starting with Dr Sadru Kheraj, Lambeth GP and our governing body clinical lead for Children, who presented an update on the CCG’s Integrated Children’s Programme. It was great to hear the excellent work of the programme to date and some real achievements we have been successful in over the first year of the Children and Maternity Programme Board including continuing to strengthen integrated commissioning with the local authority. 

We also officially reviewed the progress towards finalising our Operational Plan for 2015/16 and signed off the accompanying start budgets. We looked at the draft Financial Framework for the coming year, which we will formally sign off on 10 April 2015. This fed into a discussion about the London-wide Transformation Programmes we will be part of, and the accompanying interim governance arrangements to support them.  We agreed the thirteen priority programmes that will be progressed across the capital over the next year. 

Professor John Moxham, Director of Clinical Strategy for King’s Health Partners (KHP) and a co-opted member of our governing body, gave us an engaging presentation  on KHP’s Tobacco Strategy, and how this dovetails with the CCG’s strategy and work. John’s passion on the subject is infectious, and he began a lively debate and was flooded with questions on the subject, so many in fact that we’re gathering them together for him to answer at his leisure. We’ll make sure we share those with you in future so those of you who are equally as passionate as him about the subject can see the latest in our progress.

Our final presentation of the day was from Ruth Wallis presenting her draft Director of Public Health Annual Report for 2014. The draft we looked at was extremely comprehensive and already beautifully designed.  It is a mixture of outstanding successes alongside sobering realities, and well worth a read. You can read the draft Public Health Report, alongside all of the papers from this meeting on our Governing body meetings and papers page.