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Andrew Eyres.jpg ​Meet the Chief Officer - Andrew Eyres

Tell us about your role within the CCG? 
It is a great privilege to help lead such a committed CCG team. I see my role as supporting our clinicians and managers to be best able to improve health and to commission high quality care for Lambeth people. That includes helping to shape new plans and ways of working, engaging with partners who we think can help us, reviewing how we are delivering and helping to unblock problems. Very few days are the same, which after 28 years in the NHS keeps work very fresh and exciting. 

What are the big challenges you (and your team) face at the moment? 
Our challenges are not new – how do we best help people to stay well and avoid ill health when all of our NHS and care services, including general practices, have to meet the increasing demands of a growing and ageing population with high health needs? Quite simply we need to help people to stay healthier and independent for longer. Money is in short supply so we have to use the resources and assets that we already have better.

If you could change one thing about the health service what would it be? 
I am delighted that in Lambeth we have such high quality primary care and other healthcare services, but I would put greater emphasis on measuring the health of the population and the quality and timeliness of the care they receive. Both are critically important to individuals and often they complement each other. We still see poor long term health outcomes for people even where the quality of the immediate care available to them is excellent. We are often intervening too late.

What is the one thing that you have learnt in the last year that has surprised you and why? 
I’ve been increasingly amazed over the past year or so at just how quickly Lambeth is changing. New and more people, new businesses, new housing, new things to see and do. It feels dynamic and go-ahead.  But through all these changes we need to remember that the health and social care needs for many Lambeth people remain high. General practice is well placed to help us ensure we do not lose sight of important health inequalities in the borough.

What are you most proud of in your working life?
Helping to keep Lambeth at the forefront of improving health. We are known for our innovation, for building trusted and valued local partnerships and for being able to deliver on a wide range of priorities - from prevention, and early intervention for children and families to supporting people with long term conditions such as diabetes, mental health and dementia.  

What activity/hobby helps you escape from work life? 
My four daughters, of various ages, and more recently my granddaughter keep me very busy. There are always new interests and hobbies to help out with – the latest is my youngest daughter playing for a girls’ football team. Sunday mornings are no longer quite the same.